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social media world

Social Media takes you on a journey into unchartered territory at times. It’s a world that is filled with levels of confusion and can bring about a variety of emotions. In our world we put you at ease with our solutions.


social media world 1

disarray & secrets



Perfect for businesses that need a little bit of extra time to manage the other aspects of their business and declutter their mind of the confusion that comes with managing social media. We find out the deep secrets of your social media accounts.



  • 1 Platform

  • 2-12 posts per day (dependent upon platform)

  • Content Creation

  • Full Account Management

  • End of Month Analytics Report


Social media world 2

mayhem & harmony



Is your business growing and established? Using multiple social media platforms and still not finding the time to manage them and your business? Don’t worry this is the perfect solution to your problem. We will fully manage 2 social media platforms, create the content, and engage with your audience while establishing a brand presence and visibility to your target audience.



  • 2 Platform Max

  • 5- 12 posts per day (combined with both platforms and may not be posted across both platforms) *Dependent upon platform*

  • Content creation

  • Full account management

  • Proven growth strategies to grow accounts

  • End of month analytics report


social media world 3

enemy nightmare



Want to defeat the final level of social media? We will jump into the hot seat, take the controller to beat the bad guys (algorithms, platform changes, and MORE). This is really great if you use: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or LinkedIn. Perfect for businesses who want to gain more visibility and have more organic engagement with their clients.



  • 4 Platform Max

  • 5-12 posts per day (may not be posted across every platform with max number of post per day per platform: 3)

  • Content Creation

  • Full Account Management

  • Proven growth strategies

  • Month End Analytics Report