Case Studies

J'Marie Digital has worked with a wide range of clients across various industries. Here are their stories..


rustic lane boutique

Rustic Lane Boutique is a rustic home decor boutique located in California. The company reached out to us and let us know that they didn't have the time anymore to keep running their social media and handling other aspects of their business. We happily obliged and we were able to give the company the look they were going for and helped increases their sales every month while managing their Instagram. Within 60 days we were able to gain 63 new followers, increase engagement over 750% and increased impressions and reach by 515%. 


caribbean travel queen

The company reached out to us in the early stages of their launch. They wanted to create a more established social media presence on Instagram and  a newly created Pinterest account.  Their target audience were "empty nest" couples. We gladly accepted the challenge and immediately went to work. Within 30 days we were able to achieve the following using organic strategies: Instagram grew by 50 followers and engagement increased by 40%. Pinterest generated 12,000 viewers within 30 days. We reached close to 200K people and had a save rate of 3900%.


Female athletes rock

F.A.R. is a non-profit based out of Houston, TX. Their goal is to empower female athletes, women, and young girls to lead healthy & productive lives while making healthy and positive decisions and to destroy that box that society places the female athlete in. We approached F.A.R. and explained to them how social media would grant them access to many other avenues that they didn't know existed. Within 60 days we have grown their Facebook and Instagram accounts by 60+ followers collectively. We were able to increase their reach on Instagram by 400% during this time as well as garnered more organic engagement on Facebook.