Your Influencer Search Is Over.....

The latest marketing strategy is Influencer Marketing. And this strategy is attracting a lot of businesses and brands like a magnet. At the same time they have been getting burned by some influencers for not thoroughly researching or having a contract in place outlining their terms and conditions. In business, you can't operate off of "good faith" when money is involved either.

I'm here to tell you that Facebook has finally launched their: Brand Collabs Manager. With this your able to see what companies and brands the creator has worked with in the past, who is their target audience, and their preferred content type. 

It's currently only available to certain brands but you can add yourself to the waitlist and when they review your request you can find out when it will be available to you and your business. 

Click Here To Be Added To The Waitlist

If you're truly looking to work with an influencer please do the following:

  1. Ask for REFERENCES!! Just because they "look" the part doesn't mean that they can "play" the part.
  2. Check them out on every platform: See what their post engagement is like. Someone can have 15K followers and only getting 50-60 likes. That is very poor engagement. 
  3. Check the dates/frequency of their posts: If they aren't posting a lot how will they be able to help you be seen?
  4. Get it in WRITING! Whatever terms and conditions that you agree to get it in writing to cover yourself and the other party in case a dispute arises. 

If you have anymore questions or need anymore tips don't hesitate to reach out to me via email: