Work It Out Like Bey! 5 Tips to Crush Social Media Algorithms!

When I tell you that Beychella performance was one that I have watched in total about 12 times (Yes about 24 WHOLE hours). I was a fan of her music but now I'm a fan of how well she executed the entire performance. Headlining Coachella was huge as she was the first black woman to do so. Beyonce has proved to us time and time again why strategy, content, and execution must be precise and timely in order to have a lasting effect for years to come. 

The same steps must take place for you to crush your social media accounts. 

  1. Have a SOLID, thought out strategy: Stop posting all willy nilly thinking this is going to help you. In the end it will hinder you. Find out what YOUR audience likes to see and analyze that data. You have insights/analytics at your disposal for a reason. It's to help you guide your strategy and make you more efficient.
  2. Create GREAT content: Content must be relevant to your brand and you have to follow the 80/20 Rule: 80% info and 20% sales. Think of how it feels when you go to an account and it's nothing them trying to sell you something on every post. If you hate it, then your target audience will too. You need posts that draw them in and make them follow you. Ask questions, post something funny, engage with them by responding to their comments.
  3. Utilize hashtags: You don't have to have a bunch (even though you can use up to 30) of hashtags. One thing about hashtags is those pesky bots will come out of the wood works and follow you. The reason they follow you is because a hashtag you used is a trigger word for them to follow said accounts. 
  4. Create videos.: We are in the age where videos are taking precedence over graphics. Most social media users scroll long enough to double tap, not so much read. If you're able to get your point across in a minute then you've won. 
  5. Follow new accounts: Increasing your organic following isn't as hard as it may seem. My favorite way is to go look at the hashtags I follow and comment on the 10 most recent posts. Make it a GENUINE comment. I do this for about 10 hashtags related to my brand throughout the day. I also go and follow some of the larger accounts followers as well.