My 2-Year-Old Is A Spam Bot

I bet you're wondering how is my 2-year-old daughter is a spam bot. Well, let me explain. As a single mother of a very busy toddler, it seems as if she never stops going. We log on to Twitter or Instagram and yet we see another spam bot aka Socialbot account has followed us or sent some type of message. Annoying right? Right!

Back to my analogy: my daughter is like a spam bot! She is EVERYWHERE! Every 2 seconds its: "Kiss Hug" or "Mama Milk", etc. Imagine working from home and this little bot won't leave you alone. Everytime I log on (bathroom, eating, watching tv) THERE SHE IS!!! *HUGE face palm)* Like, DUDE LEAVE ME ALONE FOR 2 SECONDS! Can I take a shower without my socialbot following me? Heck No! That would only happen in a perfect world.

A socialbot is defined as: a bot that controls a social media account by an automated software. A socialbot basically convinces users (Us) that its a real person. *insert eye roll* Lately, there has been a huge influx of Hair selling spam bots. It's annoying because your followers are now poisoned with a few fake followers.

We don't live in a perfect world because if we did our organic following on social media would be in the THOUSANDS, ads would convert sales every time we ran them, and hashtags wouldn't get us shadowbanned. Unfortunately, just like anything else in this technologically progressive era that we live in, it's almost hard to keep up. Just like my toddler, working in this industry I have to keep up or I risk letting the spam bot win at everything in life, including my time!

Solution: Take some time out the day or during the week to scroll your followers and the people you’re following to rid yourself of the socialbots. Eventually, they will die down. In the meantime, stay proactive.