10 Free Ways To Grow Your Instagram

Instagram seems to be the favorite amongst business owners small and large. Granted, the algorithm changes are there but it's easier to just post a pic and a caption and keep going. But what if I told you that you're leaving money on the table? *shocked face* I am going to share with you the Top 10 Ways to grow your Instagram account without spending money. 

  1. Engage with your audience: You have to respond to comments and engage with the people who interact on your account. If you don't they'll stop engaging with your posts and it can lead to them unfollowing you. When you reply to comments make sure that it's more than just: "Thanks" or "Right?!" Make sure that your comment helps to keep the conversation going.
  2. Be CONSISTENT: Creating more content and posting more frequently can help with your overall engagement. Plan and create a posting schedule so that you're not running into days where you don't know what to post. 
  3. Interact with other accounts: Like other posts on other accounts. If you take the time to follow someone like a few of their posts. Don't follow accounts just to boost your following because the accounts you follow may not engage with you at all.
  4. Use stories: Stories are a great way to show behind the scenes stuff really quick without giving away the entire reveal. You can share short videos, give tips, make cute boomerang shots, and more. Using hashtags in your stories helps as well. 
  5. Content needs to be exciting and valuable: If you’re posting stuff and it’s not getting any engagement (i.e. Videos, photos, stories) look at the following factors: How many people are following you and how many are you following?, How often do you engage with the people you follow? Look at your competitors and see what they're doing and implement some of the things they do into your own strategy.
  6. Be yourself: Being yourself goes a lot further than trying to be like someone else that you possibly admire. Customers love transparency. If you're a parent show a portion of you day in your stories or a behind the scenes shot of a simple process that you have. People like to feel included. 
  7. You promote TOO much: Don’t be that person that just “sells” in every post. We understand that your a business but if you are just selling a lot of people will get tired and will begin to associate you with other brands that post too much. There is a such thing as seeing too much of one person on your timeline. It can cause people to unfollow you and stop engaging with you as well.
  8. Optimize your profile: Include your location in your bio, make sure that your profile photo is a clear photo of you or your logo (make sure that it’s sized right for that platform as well), use hashtags, and make sure that you’re very clear and concise about what it is that you do. Leave out all the fancy jargon to make your title sound deeper than what it is. You lose potential clients that way. 
  9. Have a clear focus for your accounts: If necessary post the non business related posts on your personal Instagram. If you just don’t want to create another account be very cognizant of what you post on your Instagram. You don’t want to give your followers the wrong idea while building your brand. If you have multiple businesses PLEASE don’t post information about all of them on the same page. It will confuse consumers as to what it is you really do. Make sure they aren’t confused. 
  10. Don't buy followers: If you do decide to cheat yourself and your business please buy likes as well. Buying followers looks very bad and your engagement/Like ratio to follower ratio will be so skewed that the average joe can tell the that you’ve purchased followers. 

I hope these tips help you to get more out of your Instagram account.

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