7 Advantages of A Social Media Strategy

About a week ago I came across an article by Samuel Birnie on Social Media Today about the 7 Advantages of A Social Media Strategy. I took his 7 advantages and decided to expand on them just for you. A Social Media Strategy is needed because you can't be walking around like a deer in headlights, not knowing where to go. Below you will find the 7 advantages and the reasons behind them.

  1.  Creates Direction- Having direction helps you TREMENDOUSLY! Being able to identify the goals of your social media accounts and align them with your business helps you in more ways than one. Without direction how can you improve on something that your company needs?
  2. Measure, Report, and Improve- It's very vital that you monitor your posts performance on a regular basis. Whether you monitor on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis it NEEDS to be done. It helps to know what your audience prefers to see. You'll know the best days and times to post based on your audiences activity, you'll know what type of content they prefer to see, etc. Looking at this data can help you improve in the areas that you're weak in and help you strengthen your strengths.
  3. Everything's More Efficient- This is where content calendars come into EFF-E-C-T! You'll be a smooth operator operatin' correctly. (Word to Rakim) Content calendars help you take out the guess work of what you should post on each platform. They're very effective. If you CLICK HERE you can join my group and there are content calendar templates available for you to save to your Google drive and edit it as you please.
  4. You'll Remain Active- So many business owners go "Ghost" on social media due to lack of content to post and neglecting social media altogether. Having a plan allows you to remain active and keep your audience engaged and up to date with everything that you have going on.
  5. Enables Bigger, Better Campaigns- Now, that you've gotten the hard part out the way (when and what to post), this is the opportunity to focus on the bigger things like: engagement, reaching out to influencers, maintaining an organic audience, and more. Don't be intimidated about reaching out to people that can help your brand grow. Who knows what sending a sample of your product can do.
  6. Keeps You Consistent- This is ensuring that your posts are aligning with your brand and the message you're trying to convey. Without consistency you're bound to become frustrated and want to give up completely. Don't get discouraged just play smarter. 
  7. You'll Be Prepared For Everything- It's chess not checkers. Always make sure that your next move is your best move. You'll have posts scheduled, content prepped and ready to go. Everything will be so automated you'll have time for everything else that you have to do. 

Reference: Social Media Today

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