Facebook Ads Are Like Bill Collectors.....EVIL!

You're enjoying peace and quiet. Then ALL OF A SUDDEN your phone rings and it's CLEARLY a number you don't recognize, so what do you do? AVOID IT! I'm not saying that you shouldn't take care of your responsibilities and avoid paying your bills, but sometimes LIFE hits you so hard you have to avoid them temporarily. I was so happy in October of last year because I had found a job and I just knew that I was going to be getting myself out of debt. That came to a complete halt when I was laid off 2 weeks before Christmas. But hey, God's plan was bigger than the one I had laid out for myself.

I have been unemployed (self-employed) since December 8, 2017. It's been a struggle being a single parent because you want to make sure the important bills are paid before you pile any other bill on your plate. Facebook Ads are the same way. They are a necessary evil. Granted, they are a true pain in the a**.  But like conquering those bill collectors you can conquer Facebook Ads the same way: One At A Time.

RULE OF THUMB: Running an ad campaign DOESN'T guarantee sales!! 

1. Pick the type of ad that you want to run

2. The goal and audience

3. The Budget (Daily or Lifetime): Pick LIFETIME! If you have the available funds for a daily budget go for it. I suggest lifetime because once the limit has been reached the ad will stop 

4. Schedule: Let the ad run for at least a week. Give it time to generate enough data before you stop it. 

If you go into an ad campaign EXPECTING sales you're just like the bill collectors that call you: EXPECTING MONEY. Granted the saying goes: "Have to spend money to make money!" This may very well be true but you have to be smart about it. 

I ran an ad campaign for page likes and was able to get 400 new likes in about 4 days. 

Before you stop a campaign look at your CPC (Cost Per Click), that can tell you if you're reaching your target audience and if you're getting your money's worth.

Don't let the bill collectors (Facebook ads) defeat you. Take them on one at a time. Try to run one ad a month and start with a small budget like $20 and go from there. YOU CAN WIN!